Photo by  Steven Shepherd .

Photo by Steven Shepherd.

Picking up her first camera at 17, Alanna snapped her first photo using her dad’s Fujifilm digital camera at one of her brother’s many sporting events for the sole purpose of curing her immense boredom. At the time, she had no idea this temporary source of amusement would blossom into what is now the most wonderfully and beautifully frustrating relationship in her life. Eventually taking the leap to explore photography as a way of sharing the beauty she witnessed in every day life, Alanna began to photograph the world around her, instantaneously falling in love with the ability to freeze a moment in time. Favouring moments filled to the brim with emotion and moods, Alanna tends to focus on capturing those fleeting moments like a euphoric sunset or the feeling of elation when on a road trip with your best friends. 


Vancouver, BC